"As an artist I have the right to extract the emotional content
out of everything, to let things work upon me
and then give them outwards form."

(Käthe Kollwitz)

Angelica Kroeger is a multi-media artist and researcher, working with film, photography and sound from her studio in the North-West Highlands of Scotland.

She holds a PhD in Film and Sound, an MA in Post Production Editing and a BA(Hons) in Digital Art. Her background is in theatre, where she has a vast experience in lighting, sound and video design. Angelica’s recent work includes installation, art film and experimental photography.

In search of an answer to the question as to where a human being begins and where it ends, Angelica has spent a year outside in the Scandinavian wilderness. The encounter with solitude and being one with nature, has resulted in the firm belief that the human being extents way beyond the confinements of the body. This was further consolidated during her battle with cancer, and both of these experiences have inspired and continue to inspire her work.

Since 2013 Angelica is working in close collaboration with visual artist Sheena Graham-George